Sisanda Avela Makunga

Sisanda Avela Makunga

Senior Associate

Area of Expertise:

  • Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Land disputes,
  • Evictions Law
  • Litigation
  • Contract Law

Sisanda Avela Makunga (Senior Associate), she holds an LLB from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and an LLM from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Strong Corporate Commercial experience.

Sisanda underwent a Legal Practice Management course.

Specialised at University in Cyber law and IT law.

Also specialised at University in Intellectual property law as an elective where all issues relating to patents and copyright protection and infringement thereof were dealt with.

Sisanda Avela Makunga’s impactful transactions

Auditor General of South Africa

  • Defending the institution in a controversial case which was commercial. The case started in a form of a PAJA application but didn’t end that way. The Case related to post retirement medical assistance where ex employees of AGSA were demanding increases on the post retirement medical assistance. The case was extensive in that the Plaintiffs also failed to apply for a class action as they were implying that they were representing other 202 employees in the case. Recently received judgement in their favour
  • Financial experts had to be appointed to determine the affordability of these increases.


  • Sisanda was requested to advise and amend where necessary a contract concluded between African Development Bank and Sanral where funds had to be lent to SANRAL. Ensured that the contract met international standards.
  • Proof reading NDAs (Non disclosure agreements)

Joshco (Johannesburg Social Housing Company)

  • Tasked to draft about 80 lease agreements between the institution and the potential residents. Contract law was vital and housing laws as she had to ensure compliance.
  • Oversaw National Credits Act.
  • Also did evictions on all lease agreements asked as a result of a breach by tenants.
  • Dealt with tender documents disputes in relation to contractors.

City of Tshwane

  • Attended to lawsuits against the city. Contracts concluded with the municipality and outstanding debts, shehad to sue based on those contracts


  • Sisanda provide company secretariat work in so far as arranging for meetings, and taking minutes and ensuring compliance in terms of the law.
  • Looking at drafting company policies and mitigating risks.
  • Currently serves on the board of Bexaco, as a non-executive director.
  • South African Revenue Services: several matters for SARS as one of their panel attorneys where I learnt how to keep a very demanding client happy. Dealt with compliance cases relating to Tax Laws where tax needed to be collected.
  • Auditor General South Africa she worked as one of the lead attorneys and still does on a large, very important matter for the Auditor General (Loots and others V Auditor General South Africa). This matter had aspects of labour law, contracts law, constitutional issues and administrative law. 
  • GEPF Defending the GEPF in several litigation matters and providing legal advices when requested.
  • SAA General legal advice and litigation
  • Denel Labour law related matters including contracts vetting and drafting
  • TEDA (Tshwane Economic Development Agency) Representing TEDA in matters where contractors declared a dispute against TEDA in relation to alleged underpayment on large construction projects.
  • General Clients Acting as pro forma prosecutor and chairman at disciplinary hearings for a variety of clients. Drafting charge sheets where prosecuting and writing judgements where appointed as Chairman.
  • Dealt with all tender disputes.
  • Sisanda does evictions law and land disputes

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